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It doesn’t matter if you are a bingo lover who likes to play slots or a slot lover who likes to play bingo, the one thing which is guaranteed is that you will love Slingo! Slingo games really do offer you the best of both worlds. So it is of little wonder that just one round of Slingo is enough to make you fall head over heels in love with the game.

There are now so many versions of the game that players are surrounded by available selections. Could it be the slot classic “Rainbow Riches” with the Slingo twist or Slingo “Reveal” with the enormous jackpot? Everyone has their favourite Slingo game, so which one will be yours?

Best Slingo Games For 2022

If you are interested in trying out Slingo Games for free, you have come to the right place because we have them all here. Before you get started, we have to confirm your age in order to comply with current legislation. Don’t worry, it will only take a few seconds and you will be playing Slingo Games to your heart’s content.

Have fun!

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What are Slingo Slots?

Slingo slots are a cross between an Online Slot and 75 ball Bingo and in order to play, all you have to do is daub the numbers on a 5 x 5 grid which looks like a bingo card.

Numbered balls are drawn from a generator to the right of the grid and the numbers which have been drawn are displayed below the grid which are then daubed on the corresponding numbers on the grid.

What makes Slingo different from the slots is that as well as the numbers, four other symbols can be revealed which vary depending on the Slingo game that is being played. Although, when they appear, they allow any number on a line or the grid to be daubed as well as doubling a win or even voiding any winning lines.

For every completed line on the grid, a rung of a ladder is climbed with prizes along the way and when the top rung is reached, the jackpot is awarded.

The best Slingo slots are based on the casino games which you are familiar with, including Starburst, Centurion and Rainbow Riches, with each game displaying slight differences to make them unique.

For example, in the Slingo Centurion game there is a centurion hiding behind a bush to the right of the playing grid. He occasionally appears blowing his horn to reveal extra numbers which can be crossed off the grid.

Which Slingo Game is the best?

That is a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question because every Slingo player has their own personal favourite Slingo game. A good guideline as to what would be the best Slingo game for you, would be to check if there is a Slingo version of your favourite slot displayed.

Gaming Realms, the owner of the Slingo brand, have partnered with many of the top casino game software developers, so you may be surprised by the number of your favourite slots that also have a Slingo version of the game.

If you are asking which Slingo game is the best, probably the best advice would be to choose which Slingo games you like the look of. Also, make sure that you are playing at an Online Casino licenced by the UKGC.

This way, you can concentrate on enjoying the Slingo game itself, without having to worry about whether you are going to be able to get your hands on any winnings or whether your personal details are safe.

Finally, if anyone tries to offer advice regarding specific symbols in certain patterns in order to win on Slingo games, ignore them. Αll symbols and numbers in Slingo games are chosen by random number generators so you would be completely wasting your time looking out for any patterns etc.

If you are looking for ideas about which Slingo game is best, here are three of our favourites.


Are Slingo games fixed?

A common question regarding any online casino game. ‘Αre the games fixed?’. It is a fair enough question, so we will look at the reasons why Slingo games in particular are not fixed and why we can be so confident saying that.

Slingo Games use RNG Technology

RNG stands for ‘Random Number Generator’ and this is the technology which is used to determine the outcome of any game by Slingo. This basically means that all outcomes in a game of Slingo are machine generated and set to a predetermined RTP (return to player) figure.

Return To Player (RTP)

The RTP is calculated by dividing the total amount of winnings returned to players by the total amount gambled by players and to even things out a little, this figure is calculated over a minimum of one million spins, usually more. This is the RTP figure which you will see associated with every slot and applies to every casino game apart from those which are played live. The vast majority of Slingo original slots have an RTP of 95%. Even the exceptions such as “Wheely Wheely Big Win” and Slingo “Love Island” only differ slightly, at 95.94% and 95.33% respectively.

Fairness of the games

You will often hear us state that the Slingo sites and Slingo games we recommend are fair. But how do we know that? After all, you don’t know us, we could just be making it all up to persuade you to play Slingo games!

The reason we can confidently say that the Slingo games which we recommend are fair, is because they are regularly checked by third party organisations such as eCOGRA.

eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) are the gold standard of virtual game testing. So when you see their logo on a casino site you should rest assured that the games are fair. ECogra also offers a dispute resolution service for any complaints, concerning online casino sites which are licenced in the UK.

Where to play free Slingo slots?

As there are so many different variations of the game, it makes sense to play free Slingo slots to see if you enjoy the game before you start playing with real money.

You can obviously play free Slingo slots here at but for the sake of transparency, we will take a closer look at every Slingo demo play option which is available to you.

Play Slingo demo games on our website

As you will see from our website, we have an extensive range of Slingo demo play games for you to try and the only difference between free Slingo slots and the real money slots is that you don’t need any money to play the free versions. Everything else is the same, so your playing experience will be extremely realistic. Just go through the following steps to play free Slingo slots.

  • Follow the link on the home page to the free Slingo slots
  • Confirm that you are over 18 years of age
  • You will see the most popular Slingo slots automatically displayed, but if you have any particular free Slingo slots in mind, use the search box at the top of the page
  • To make the search easier, take advantage of the filter to display the results in alphabetical order
  • When you find a Slingo demo play game that you like the look of, either jump straight in and start playing or read our comprehensive review of the game
  • When you start playing the free Slingo slots, you will see that you have a ‘demo’ playing balance and you can also adjust the stake like you would do in another game

Play for free on

  • When you open the Slingo Originals website, a pop-up box will appear asking you to confirm that you are over 18 years old
  • You will then seek the graphics for a selection of featured Slingo demo play games and if you scroll down, you will see the option ‘View Games’
  • Click on it and all the free Slingo slots will be displayed
  • When you have chosen the free Slingo slot to play, run your mouse over the graphic and you will be presented with the option to read more information about the game, or play the Slingo demo play version
  • When you choose the demo version, the game will open, and you will have a demo balance to play with
  • The Slingo demo play version of the game is exactly the same as the real money Slingo game

Play for free on Slingo Arcade

  • Slingo Arcade is a popular way of playing free Slingo slots, so log into your Facebook account and search for ‘Slingo Arcade’
  • If you scroll down their timeline, you will see lots of offers for free credits but at the top of the page there is a blue ‘Play Game’ button, which will drive you to a selection of free Slingo slots
  • An alternative would be to click on the website link, where you will be redirected to a website which offers a wide range of free Slingo slot
  • There will also be a prompt to download the website app, which does offer an excellent Slingo demo play experience

Playing free Slingo slots on a casino website

Before we go into the details of playing free Slingo slots in this way, we should point out that not all Online Casinos offer the option of free Slingo slots. For those that do, it is simply a matter of logging into your online casino account.

  • Use the ‘search option’, to either find specific free Slingo slots, or just Slingo slots in general
  • Under the description of the game, click on the ‘demo version’, given there is one
  • When playing free Slingo slots at an online casino, make sure that you are in fact playing the demo version and not the real version

Requirements to Play Free Slingo Slots Online

Due to the recent changes regarding the UK Gambling Commission’s code of practice, age verification is now required to play any kind of online slot games such as Slingo. For this reason, a pop-up form appears when you attempt to play demo versions of Slingo to confirm that you are 18 year of age or older.

How to play free Slingo games?

To be perfectly honest, you can play Slingo free demo games in every possible manner you want to. The advice, if you were playing for real money, would be to start off with small stakes whilst you are getting used to the game. But what about Slingo free demo games?

The advice would probably be to play Slingo free demo games as you would play a slot if using real money. That way, you get a real idea if you like the game. Instead, you would form an unrealistic view if you were playing for £100 per spin. (That is unless you are a high roller of course!)

Something to remember concerning Slingo free demo games, is that they are exactly the same as the real money games with demo money instead. They are not set up so that you win more in an attempt to get you to play the real thing. Your Slingo free demo game experience is therefore as realistic as it could possibly be.

Can I play free Slingo games from my mobile?

All the Slingo games have been designed so that they can be played on a mobile device. Ιt must be said, that the quality of the gameplay is just as good as if you were playing Slingo online free on a PC. The options to play Slingo online free include playing directly from your mobile browser, with the most popular options listed below.

Playing from your mobile browser: Simply enter the Slingo online free casino URL into your mobile browser, log into your casino account, then select and play your Slingo game of choice in exactly the same way you would if playing on your PC.

Using a mobile app: For an Android device, download a Slingo online free app from the Google Play store, if you have an Apple device, download the app from the App store, log into the casino, choose the Slingo online free game and away you go.

Some advice before you start the game

It would be a good idea to choose Slingo free demo games with boundaries in place to protect you from making unwise gambling decisions. What we mean by that, is to use the options which are available in some Slingo games and casinos to limit the number of extra spins that can be offered along with the maximum amount where extra spins won’t be offered.

Slingo has evolved over the last five years and the boundaries which can be set are a great addition to the game. There will come a point when you will want to play for real money, all the Slingo games that you played in the demo version.

Don’t get caught in the trap of playing Slingo free demo versions all the time, you might be watching TV as well. Don’t forget that Slingo Games can be played with small stakes (from 10p) which will offer a far more exciting playing experience.


What RTP do Slingo games have?

The average RTP (return to player) for Slingo games is 95% with a few exceptions. For example, there are a few Slingo games such as Slingo “Starburst”, which has a higher RTP of 96.6% and the odd exception like Slingo “Friends,” which has a lower RTP of 89.5% but if you look down the full list of Slingo games, the vast majority share an RTP of 96%.
What is the variance in Slingo Games?

The variance is slightly below average, which means that there will be losing spells, but the opportunity of a decent size win is always just around the corner.
Which is the minimum/maximum stake?

The minimum stake size varies between different Slingo games but is usually 10p or 20p. The maximum stake size is £100.
How much can you earn in Slingo games?

It depends on the Slingo game that you are playing. For instance, a full house on Slingo “Extreme” pays 500x the stake, whereas Slingo “Reveal“ has a jackpot of 10,000x the stake. One thing is for sure though, it is possible to win a very attractive amount of money on any Slingo game that you decide to play.
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