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Review for the online casinos offering Slingo! Not so easy as it sounds.

It is about a major obligation, one we didn’t hesitate to handle when we built this site. The truth is, we didn’t give so much thought. Either way, all members of our team needed space to express their views on Slingo sites.

Thanks to your participation, we strongly continue, always having one thing in mind. Be reliable and stay independent. Read below, how the casinos evaluation process is undergone, how we rate, what we check and why we are so strict.

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How do we find the Slingo sites we are going to review?

Truth is, we don’t find them so hard, since Slingo Casinos come to us asking for partners. There are cases though, when a site catches our eye and we start the review process on our own.

More random case is when a player asks about our opinion for a casino and a counterpart of our team undergoes a thorough review. Usually, we haven’t, not because we were bored, but because our fellow slingo sites lover hadn’t had the patience to wait until we were done with our evaluation!

Finally, let’s not forget the conference circumstance. Our team consists of numerous people with years of experience in the domain of games. This means that we meet several of those in charge of New Slingo sites, and not only, in occasional meetings.

Are your casino reviews trustworthy ?

If we said “Yes, they are”, Would you believe us?

Every member of our team tries for the best. We are an independent group and our doctrine is not to accept any bribe or gift in order to upgrade a casino. Besides, as you will detect in our casinos reviews, there is always a spot, where the negative elements we have spotted, are mentioned.

There is no stricter judge than the site’s visitors themselves. And if we judge by the footfall and the messages we receive, then we are probably doing our job very well! Let’s take a closer look though, on the reasons why you should trust us:

Casino Reviews: An equal and fair handling of Online Casino Evaluating process. Following severe protocols, we respect both players’ needs and demands and casinos’ established status.What is crucial for our purpose is to thoroughly inspect whether the game is player friendly, not only in terms of provisions and variety of gaming selections, but in a wider perception of treating the players properly. It is of great importance for us to familiarise players with casinos which share our appreciation for honesty.


Relevance: We aim to furtherly optimize our database’s accuracy, since we seek to reach the highest level and by that, the ability to present to each and everyone who visits our site, the best online casinos in the market. A target that we have come to approach step by step and still continue to improve.


True experts: We consider ourselves as a team familiarised with the technical aspects of gambling. Players that used our techniques and directives, have acknowledged the time dedicated to gathering this entire amount of knowledge and efforts to achieve it. Speaking frankly, it is all about numbers and science. 


Value: Constantly approaching new highs and improving your tactics based on your gaming skills, learning to turn the stakes in your favour, in order to profit in the most popular online casinos. The steps we follow and entrust to you, are of great importance, as they are stepping stones we have set for every aspect of our engagement.  


User interface: As it happens with this section, we work on a daily basis, to offer the best possible outcome and support to every visitor of the site.It is undoubtedly a difficult task, which cannot be ignored, but only treated intensively and creatively to meet the visitors’ requirements. 


Quality: We provide a wide range of validated advice and tips to players, concerning the gambling society and online casinos.


Independence: Our site has achieved to remain neutral and offer reviews on online casinos, which are essential and helpful only to our visitors. Never have we been based on anything else but our qualifications, experience and thorough evaluation to grade a casino.


Our slogan: As we have already stated in clarity, our site will never misguide players by any means. Following our site’s principles and guidelines we will always present the whole picture to our visitors, with honesty and a sense of responsibility to them, never trying either to ameliorate or deteriorate the facts derivering from our reviews. 

How we evaluate online casinos?

To keep it simple for you, we will divide it in 2 parts.

  1. Casino’s services check
  2. Evaluation of the Casino

Slingo Casino’s Check

Once our team decides a Slingo Casino is going through the evaluation process, 2 of its members take the initiative to create an account. One of them joins on the desktop, while the other via his smart phone.

They start examining everything from scratch. Site’s velocity, whether the navigation is easily accessible, whether the site is presentable and if the sign up process is undergone swiftly etc. The difficult part though, is when the first deposit is made. That’s because we are not only visiting a site, but we act as regular players do. Or what they should do, anyway. For start, we examine how many payment methods does the Casino provide and whether they function properly both on desktop and mobile phone. When it comes to bonuses,we thoroughly read the terms and conditions. If they are fair, then we will take the bonus. If not, we will downgrade and start playing based on our already deposited money.

To validate if everything is working properly, while the members of our team play several games for some days, also check the rest of the casino’s services. For example, they visit Live chat and pose some difficult questions to the agents, in order to reassure whether quality service is provided or not.

The last and most important phase deals with withdrawals and the time needed to be successfully completed. If they are completed in the set term promised by the casino, then the score is upgraded. If not, then we try to figure out what is to blame. We do not instantly downgrade, as in many occasions, it is Payments providers’ fault rather than casinos’. It is such a delicate matter, which may delay the evaluation process essentially.

We briefly mention the key factors our team members check, while evaluating a Casino:

  • Credibility: Check licensing, if it is approved by independent authorities (e.g. eCogra), the existence of SSL Encryption.
  • Games and Providers: Originally, we check the number of Slingo Games. Then, since no one ever plays only Slingo Games we examine:-  Whether the diversity of RNG and live games by top game providers is rendered
    –  Whether Jackpot games are enabled
    –  Whether you can play for free
  • Bonuses and offers: We examine the welcome bonuses, offers to already enrolled players and most importantly terms and conditions.
  • Banking: We examine the diversity of payment methods, the velocity in exchanges and of course their security.
  • Customer care: We are looking for rapid and correct answers, availability for all channels and 24 hours functioning department.
  • Slingo Mobile: We examine whether there is an app or at least a responsive site, the flexibility of navigation, if games “lug” and finally if payments operate properly.

Casino evaluation

Time of evaluation comes right after the Slingo site’s check is over. Our team assembles again and 2 of our reviewers analyse their experience they took from the casino. Each one hands over their gradings and the average is calculated. Afterwards, a percentage taken out of this average contributes to the overall grading of the Casino. The percentages are:

  • Reliability- 35%
  • Number of games- 15%
  • Banking – 15%
  • Bonuses – 20%
  • Mobile experience – 10%
  • Customer Support – 5%

Essential note: You will spot some casinos, find themselves in higher positions despite having lower grades. This happens because the Casino offers some function or something innovative, which couldn’t be ignored.

Some reasons are:

  • Gamification mechanism
  • Unusual or original functionality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Generous rewards schemes

If there was something that caught our eye, it would be referred to in the Slingo Casino review.

What happens when a Casino fails our test?

When we first launched our site, we had predicted a blacklist for casinos that failed to pass our test. Although, something like that would be practically impossible to be achieved on UK Slingo sites. It wouldn’t be extravagant at all to state that all casinos doing business in the UK are the best in the world. So finally, we have decided to grade all casinos. To conclude, in case a casino fails our tests, then simply it will get lower grading.

Send us your comments on Slingo Casinos

At this moment, there is no technical applicability to write on your own comments, concerning Slingo online Casinos. Nevertheless, you can send us via e-mail your comments and we shall add them to a special section integrated in the casino’s review.

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