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It’s alleged that Slingo doesn’t offer bonuses, but that is not entirely true. All Slingo games take part in the ‘welcome bonuses’ offered by online casinos. Despite the game regularly meeting wagering requirements, Slingo has no free spins or deposit bonuses as it happens with the Starburst slot for example. However, there are bonuses available that are not directly offered from the game but from the sites themselves instead, although they can be very hard to find.

Welcome to one of the very few websites where you’ll find the best of the Slingo sites that offer player bonuses. A decent bonus gives you the chance to increase your gaming budget and in turn, improves your odds of getting a “Full House!”

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Best Bonuses for Slingo

After checking a lot of bonuses available and considering the terms and requirements of each, we have compiled our own top ten, which you can see in the table below. You can choose the kind of bonus you like the look of, its percentage, the amount and the details of wagering, by simply using the assigned filter.

A Guide to Slingo Bonuses

As you can see above, it is possible to play Slingo with some very attractive bonuses. All you have to bear in mind are the wagering requirements. Here we take a closer look at the casino bonuses valid for Slingo.

Which bonus allows you to play Slingo?

A welcome bonus is most commonly applied to Slingo, although the offers can vary greatly. To qualify for a welcome bonus, players have to create a new account to the casino offering it. There are some types of welcome bonuses that don’t require a deposit, although they generally do. The bonus amount varies according to the casino and the quoted percentage offered on it, shows how much of your deposit will be paid out to you if you fulfil wagering requirements.

Here are some examples:

50% Welcome Bonus

As we are writing this text,  there are only few casinos currently offering a 50% welcome bonus, but it’s worth knowing how they work nevertheless. A 50% bonus will payout half of your deposit amount, which is usually assigned to a set value such as £100 or £150 for example. To claim the maximum bonus, you should deposit no more than the maximum value stated.

100% Welcome Bonus

The most common welcome bonuses available from Slingo sites offer 100% extra cash. What this offer means is that you’ll get 100% of the amount you deposit up to a maximum value. For example, if you take a look at The Sun Vegas casino,as we speak they offer a welcome bonus of 100% up to £300. This means that in case you deposit a maximum of £300, you can claim the full amount of the offer of £300.

200% Welcome Bonus

A 200% bonus pays you back twice the amount of your deposit up to a certain value. For example, 777 Casino currently offers a 200% Welcome Bonus up to the value of £450. To claim the maximum payout of £900, you would need to deposit no more than £450.

300% Welcome Bonus

A 300% bonus will payout three times the value of your deposit up to a set amount. A current example is Mecca Games which offers a bonus of 300% for deposits from £10 to £50. You would have to deposit no more than £50 to claim the maximum payout of £150.

Welcome Packages

Many casinos offer welcome packages as opposed to bonuses, which bundle together deposit offers to attract more players. The meaning of this is that you receive a bonus for the first few deposits you make rather than for the first deposit exclusively, like a standard welcome bonus.

This is the main reason welcome packages are becoming more popular than the standard one-off bonus offered by casinos. Welcome packages allot more chances to win and increase your bank balance over the first few weeks or months of joining a new casino. Welcome packages can be ideal for Slingo players, especially in the absence of bonuses in the game itself.

No Wagering Bonuses

As the name implies, a no wagering bonus requires absolutely no wagering. This means that everything you win is withdrawable immediately. Since you don’t have to keep an eye on your wagering position while you’re playing, a no wagering bonus is ideal for casino beginners.

No Deposit Real Money

This type of bonus gives you the possibility of winning real money, without spending your own. The thing to remember is that this is not an easy thing to achieve. As with all other bonuses, wagering is attached to a no deposit bonus, which can sometimes be on the high side at around 60x.

However, if you’re able to play and win successfully, there is clear potential to win real cash rather than bonus money. No Deposit Real Money Bonuses generally offer small amounts like $5 or $10, which can give new players a good opportunity to improve their Slingo skills and the chance of making some small cash wins in the process.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are designed to keep you playing at the casino after the welcome bonus has got you through the door. The reload bonus rewards players who continue to use real money in their casino account to play Slingo online. Some reload bonuses are straightforward, paying out x amount in exchange for the value of your deposit. However, some types of reload bonuses are linked to a specific payment method and only pay on deposits placed in the same way.

Some casinos give a flat amount and others a percentage. For example, when a casino offers a weekly reload bonus with a minimum deposit of £50 and a flat $5 reward, it’s probably worthwhile to make weekly deposits rather than monthly. Conversely, in a casino that offers 10% on monthly deposits over $50, it turns out more effective to make single deposits each month.

Cashback Bonuses

A cashback bonus generally attracts a large number of gaming enthusiasts. This is mainly because the casino gives players a percentage of their cash back, as the name suggests. However, this kind of bonus is mostly preserved for the players making large deposits and usually offered by the casino’s  team. Cashback bonuses are awarded in the form of cash or credits which can be used repeatedly at the casino.

Which bonuses are not offered by Slingo?

  • No deposit free spins, (in consideration of the fact casinos dispense these on slots)
  • Free spins with deposit, such as deposit £10, get 50 free spins and keep what you win, for the same reason as above
  • Jumpman’s Mega Reel: Jumpman Slots is a network of sites with a really unique welcome offer. Instead of getting a bonus, players spin the Mega Reel, (or sometimes ‘open a chest’, ‘crack a crystal’ or another type of pick-me).

What you should be careful of concerning Slingo Casino Bonuses

It is always vital that you read the small print for any bonus you are considering claiming. The terms can vary quite dramatically from casino to casino. Here are some of the things you need to take into account:

Wagering Requirements

As mentioned above, wagering requirements can make a big difference between a bonus being worth claiming or not. The most important thing is to recognize your skill level. because this is the only type of assessment you can make to calculate potential success. If you just think you’re feeling lucky or have had a winning streak with Slingo, it can be easy to fall into a wagering trap without realizing it.

Casinos impose wagering requirements because even though they want your business, they don’t want you to convert your bonus into real cash and stop playing their games. You will not be able to make a withdrawal once a bonus is in play and so it is really important that you can afford to tie your money up in the casino – and potentially lose it – during that time. Always read the small print to determine how many multiples of your deposit have to be wagered before you are able to withdraw available funds.

Games Contribution

Games contribution is the percentage of your bet that goes towards wagering through any bonuses you have. You should check the terms and conditions of the bonus very carefully to see how Slingo is weighted, or what percentage level has been set by the casino. For example, if the small print says that Slingo bets contribute just 50% of your stake, you’ll have to double up when calculating how much you need to wager before you can make a withdrawal. Some new Slingo sites offer bonuses that are dependent on payment method, and you should check to see what the weighting is for the game if you’re unable to pay in the usual way.

Banking Methods

The most common payment methods used by casinos are:

  • Visa or Mastercard
  • Paypal
  • Online bank transfers
  • Online voucher systems (eg Paysafecard)
  • Virtual card payments (eg Entropay)

However, some casinos don’t offer Slingo bonuses on certain methods of payment, mainly to prevent bonus abuse, so you need to check in advance of depositing. Most casinos don’t offer bonuses on e-wallet deposits from Neteller or Skrill, so make sure to read the small print before depositing.

Also, as of 14 April 2020 the United Kingdom Gambling Commission prohibited credit card gambling in the UK. The regulators introduced this so as to prevent people from getting in debt as a result of gambling with credit.

Expiry Dates

Along with the wagering, there is another important factor to take under consideration when choosing Slingo bonuses, and that is the expiry date. All bonuses expire after a certain time period which you’ll find in the terms and conditions of the bonus. The main reason is to give you a limited time to wager through your bonus and ideally keep you playing every session for longer amounts of time.

Welcome bonuses usually come with a short expiry date, which can be anything from 7 days to a few weeks. However, if you are still playing when the bonus has expired, your winnings will be forfeited. You can find the expiry date of a bonus which should be clearly stated in the terms and conditions of the offer.

Maximum Bet – Winning Caps

It makes sense that casinos don’t want to give away bonus money to highly skilled players – or any players at all for that matter! Along with wagering and expiry dates, a maximum bet is usually set so that the amount you win is essentially capped. Ideally you want to take into account all of these factors including maximum bet, when deciding if a bonus is worth claiming or not.

Are Casino Bonuses Worth It?

One thing is for sure. Casino bonuses are not for the faint-hearted! Although it can seem incredibly attractive to get up to 300% on your first deposit to a casino, there are ALWAYS strings attached. In fact, the higher the bonus amount, the tighter the strings will be.

The big drawback for Slingo players is that bonuses can really suck the fun out of the game. All of a sudden you are obliged to play for a certain length of time until you have satisfied the wagering requirements. This totally changes the psychology of playing Slingo and turns it from happy-go-lucky fun into a daily burden.

The big drawback for Slingo players is that bonuses can really suck the fun out of the game. All of a sudden you are obliged to play for a certain length of time until you have satisfied the wagering requirements. This totally changes the psychology of playing Slingo and turns it from happy-go-lucky fun into a daily burden.

Casino bonuses can also be expensive, particularly if you are not playing successfully when you’re wagering. If you’re playing through a bonus, you’re much more likely to chase your losses if you’re on a time limit and all gamblers know that this is a major no-no if you want to be a winner.

If you do go for a Slingo bonus, make sure you keep in mind that casinos will accept your deposit all day long but you will absolutely not be able to withdraw until it is eligible to get the green light. For many casual players, this is unnecessarily stressful.

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