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When Slingo online casinos first offered a cashback bonus, players were rather hesitant to try it out. Later on, this feeling of disbelief was replaced by pure satisfaction when the money became available in their account almost unexpectedly allowing them the chance to turn their luck around.

The rest is history; Slingo cashback casinos started to mushroom since then. Cashback offers you a unique opportunity to claim the deposit bonus you desire and earn money even if your luck turns its back on you. As we will see below, the cashback bonus differs from online casino to online casino. The differences concern both the percentage of return you receive and the time of its return.

Follow us on the adventure and let us be your guides in fun and carefreeness.With us you will find the best cashback slingo casinos and you will also learn what to watch out for when choosing a safe cashback bonus option.

The Best Slingo Casinos With Cashback

To get the best bonuses, you must have access to the best Cashback Slingo gambling sites. We know for a fact that it’s very hard to come across good-quality gambling sites on your own. It takes a tremendous amount of research that most players don’t have the time to do. That’s why we’ve decided to do the research for you and gather them in one page. Just go over all of them and see for yourself which one you like the most.

New Cashback Slingo Casinos with Unique Offers

Do you know what brands are best for claiming offers? New Cashback Slingo casinos! These sites usually offer the most unique bonuses to the new players. As new brands, their primary target is to exhibit their services to as many players as possible. Undoubtedly, the best way to do that is to offer unique promotions. If you’ve been looking for a fresh start with a unique offer in the UK, please check out our list of casinos offering cashback.

Types of Cashback Bonuses

When it comes to cashback, it might come in a few different forms. Most casinos offer the bonus on your net losses from your total deposits over a certain period. It will vary from brand to brand. Let’s look at the most common types of bonuses at Cashback Slingo sites.

Welcome Bonus

As unlikely as it may sound, a cashback bonus can be a welcome bonus! In most cases, all of us have come across Slingo sites either matching our first deposits by a certain percentage or offering free spins against a monetary value.

However, at Cashback Slingo sites, you’ll receive bonuses against the losses on your first deposit. Basically, the bonus will be calculated based on your total wager and your losses.

For example, if you credit £100 as your first deposit at the casino and lose £60 in a wager, that £60 is your net loss. Now, if the casino offers a 5% cashback, you’ll receive £3 in real money back in your account. It’s a welcome bonus, because it only works on the first deposit.

Cashback on Net Losses

This is very similar to the Welcome Cashback offer. The difference is that it’s not limited to the first deposit only. Usually, these offers at Cashback Slingo sites are offered in daily, weekly, or monthly losses.

For example, if you wager £50 on Sunday and lose all of it, the casino may return a certain percentage to your account the next day. It’s a daily cashback offer. Weekly offers would count your net losses throughout the week and credit the bonus in your account the following week. The same goes for monthly bonuses.

Loyalty Cashback

If the casino you’re playing at offers a Loyalty program, the percentage you receive as cashback may increase over time. It’s known as loyalty cashback. As you’re losing money, it means you’re wagering a lot of your real money as well. Loyalty programs are directly associated with the amount you deposit in your account.

So, as you climb the ranks of the program by wagering more money, the casino gives back a percentage of the losses to you. For example, if you get 10% weekly cashback when you first started, you may get 15% a few months later as your loyalty rank goes higher.

How to choose a cashback bonus?

If you frequent online casinos in England, you may have noticed that a huge majority of them offer cash back bonuses. But how do you select the best cashback online casinos? There must be some criteria to look for, right?

Well, let us confide to you ours. You can add some of your own if you want as well.

High Return Percentage

This is the first and most obvious criteria to look for. The higher the return percentage is, the better it is for you, isn’t it? For example, if an online casino offers 15% cashback on your weekly deposits and another brand offers 10%, which one would you pick? The former one, right?

One thing to note here is the ‘up to’ aspect of the bonus. Even some of the best Cashback Online Casinos cap the maximum amount to a certain value. So, looking solely at the return percentage may not be an accurate representation of the bonus. For example, if an offer indicates 10% cashback up to £200 and another one 15% bonus up to £100, then the former one is actually more beneficial for the players.

Terms and Conditions

The bonus percentage is half of the equation. Another half is based on how the terms are designed. In most cases, cashback bonuses are real money bonuses and you don’t have to wager it. Some casinos allow you to withdraw the money while others encourage you to use the money as free bets on your favourite games.

A Careful Glance at Cashback Bonuses

Many casinos do impose wagering requirements on cash back bonuses. They usually hover between 1x and 5x. Our recommendation is to always check the terms and conditions before you decide on a brand. If you find a bonus that has regular wagering requirements (20x or more) but is labelled as a cashback bonus, you should certainly stay away from those Cashback Online Casino bonuses. That’s because a cashback bonus is supposed to be comforting, not putting extra stress on a player’s mind.

When you check out the terms of these bonuses, you should also check out the games where you can make use of the bonus. You might also have to lose on particular games to be eligible for the best Cashback Online Casino bonuses. Different operators impose different terms.

The last thing you should be careful about, is the minimum and maximum limits. The minimum limit usually refers to the amount you have to lose before you become eligible for a cashback. On the other hand, the maximum limit refers to how much you can get from the bonuses.

For example, you may have to lose at least £100 in a week to get a cashback. If you lose £90, you won’t get it. Similarly, a 15% cashback up to £100 means no matter how much you lose, the cashback bonus won’t go over £100.

How is Cashback Bonus Activated?

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are always credited to new players and activated once during their lifetime at a particular brand. To activate Cashback Welcome bonuses, you first need a valid account to make a deposit. There might be minimum deposit requirements too, so make sure that you read the terms first.

After your deposit goes through, you may or may not have to use a bonus code to activate the bonus. Many brands activate the bonus automatically while others require you to activate it manually. If you’re not sure how to do it, simply contact customer support.

Cashback on Net Losses

This is the most common type of Cashback Online Casino bonus. As the name suggests, it’s credited against your net losses over a given period of time. It might be credited daily, weekly, or monthly.

If it’s a daily bonus, it’ll be credited to your account on the next business day. Similar to the welcome bonus, you may or may not have to claim it manually. The process will be clearly written on the terms and conditions page. The same applies for weekly and monthly Cashback bonuses. There might also be minimum deposit or loss requirements for these bonuses to be credited.

Loyalty Cashback

Loyalty cashbacks only work if you’re a member of the Loyalty program. Many online casinos automatically enrol you for this programme. On the other hand, many brands only allow players to opt for the loyalty programme through invites.

If it’s an invite-only casino, you should keep an eye out for emails or SMS, depending on the manner the casino sends promotional messages with.

In any case, you are always encouraged to contact customer support of the Cashback Slingo sites. It’s not only for clarifying any confusions you might have regarding the bonus, but also to give you a precise idea about how good or bad the customer support is.

Ways a Cashback is Attributed

In this section, we’re going to analyse how Cashback Slingo sites bonuses are attributed. Please pay close attention, because the information will come in handy when you’re actually at the casino.

No Limitation Bonus

This is the kind of Cashback bonus where you don’t have to meet any wagering requirements. As soon as the money is credited into your real money account, you can withdraw it.

Cashback for Extended Gaming

This type of bonus is credited to be used on games. You can’t withdraw the bonus directly. Rather, you have to use the funds on selected games. You can, then, withdraw the winnings, after meeting the wagering requirements.

Cashbacks with Wagering

These are not really cashback Slingo sites bonuses. Rather, you can consider them as no deposit bonuses. Because the core idea of cashback is that there should be no wagering associated with it.

Pros and Cons of Cash Back Bonuses

Now that you know pretty much everything about cashback Slingo sites bonuses, let’s sum up the discussion through their pros and cons.


  • Sustainable bonus with easy to meet terms
  • Enhances the experience by partially insuring your bets
  • No wagering is required (in most cases)
  • Can be generated by playing a plethora of games
  • You can withdraw the cash directly from your account in most cases


  • The percentage is usually very small, starting from 5%
  • Cashbacks are credited on the losses and not on the entire deposit amount. For example, if you deposit £100 and lose £30, the cashback percentage will only apply to the £30

Differences Among Cashback Bonuses and Other Bonuses

There are certain differences between Cashback Slingo sites bonuses and the rest of the bonuses. Let’s take a quick look at the most prominent ones.

Render Time

Cashback bonuses are calculated and credited after you’re done with your gaming sessions, while other bonuses are credited in the beginning.

Wagering Requirements

Cashback bonuses are free from any kind of wagering. The rest of the bonuses at any online casino will have wagering requirements.

Win vs Loss

Cashback bonuses are credited against your losses while the rest of the bonuses come with an opportunity to win big.

Attraction vs Retention

Almost all Cashback Slingo sites bonuses such as the Welcome bonus or Reload bonus aim to attract new players or encourage inactive players to deposit again. Cashbacks, on the other hand, are designed to retain active players.

Our Opinion on Cashback Slingo Sites

The primary idea behind cashback is to recover some of your losses. In our opinion, it’s an amazing way to keep the interest going for players in the UK, because casino games are entirely based on luck. Sometimes it shines, sometimes it doesn’t.

Cashback bonus Slingo slots sites offer a chance for the players to keep coming back for more, even after they have lost. Just like your favourite pasta can comfort you at the time of distress, cashbacks at new Slingo sites can comfort you when you lose.


Which are the best cashback Slingo sites?

We’ve listed them all for you. Just go through the offers and see which one you like the most.

What is a casino cashback bonus?

A cashback bonus is credited against your net losses on a day, week, or month.

How do you get a cashback bonus at Slingo sites?

Visit the promotions page to see if there are cashbacks. If there is, read the terms carefully and comply with them to get the bonus.

Is a 5% cashback bonus pack at Slingo casino worth it?

Of course it is. Cashback bonuses are the best kind if you ask us. Because there are no wagering requirements at all. Also, the casino didn’t have to return any of your losses. It’s a very nice gesture in our opinion.