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If there is one thing that made us keep coming back to online gambling over and over again, that’s free spins. Online casino free spins are by far our favourite kind of promotion. They’re easy to get, easy to use, and have relatively easy conditions attached to them. Almost all online brands in the UK offer free spins to some degree. It would be unlikely if you found a casino that doesn’t offer them.

One of the main reasons we love free spins so much is that they don’t discriminate. Certain casino bonuses such as high roller bonuses are only reserved for players who wager a lot in real money. Free spins, on the other hand, are credited generously to beginners as well as veteran players.

In this post today, we plan to break down online casino free spins for you. You may already know about them, but we’re pretty sure you don’t know all the details. Let’s see if we can enlighten you.

Best Free Spins Online Casinos

To enjoy the amazingness of no-cost spins on slot games, you first need to find them. As the UK is one of the busiest iGaming venues, it’s not always easy to come across them. So, we’ve gathered the best free spins online casinos you can enjoy in the UK. Just go over them, select one and enjoy!

What are Free Spins?

Free spins are exactly what they sound like. Spin refers to the spinning of the reels on a slot game. Every time you press the spin button on a game, the game will spin all the reels at once. In real money slots, each spin costs a certain amount of money. In the UK, the minimum value of a spin usually starts from £0.10.

If you have free spins, however, you won’t need to spend any real money from your bankroll. You can think of it as the free spins betting sites paying for your entertainment. If you get 10 free spins, for example, it means you can spin the reels of a particular slot game 10 times for free. These spins usually have an assigned value from the casino as well.

Part of the free spins’ charm lies in the fact that you can earn real money without spending any. The concept may sound counterintuitive to what gambling stands for, but it’s true. The only prominent condition in most cases is the wagering requirements on the winnings.

These spins are also great for getting acquainted with new games that you haven’t played before. You can familiarize yourself with the symbols, the multipliers, or any other unique features before you involve the risk of losing real money.

Why Do Casinos Give Free Spins?

The primary purpose behind anything promotional an online casino does is to attract more players. The more players sign up, the more the brands can profit. Free spins and any other promotions offered on the casino websites are designed to attract new players as well as entertain the existing players beyond the games themselves.

Another reason casinos offer free spins is when they want to popularize a particular game. For example, if Betsoft comes out with a new slot title, the casinos that offer Betsoft slots might offer free spins on the new title to make it more popular.

Free Spins Types at Online Casinos

Free spins come in all different types and forms. The term ‘free spins’ is quite broad. Why? Well, that’s what we intend to discuss in this section. Let’s shed some light on different types of spins.

Welcome Package

It might not always be the case, but most of the best free spins online casinos offer these spins as a welcome bonus. It can either be a standalone offer or accompanied with a casino bonus free cash.

For example, Jumpman Gaming Limited casinos in the UK rely on free spins quite heavily. The entire welcome package is often made of free spins, up to 500 at times.

Then again, 888 Group casinos may offer a certain number of free spins as a no deposit bonus and then a deposit bonus to complete the cycle. It varies dramatically from brand to brand.

Reload Bonus Free Spins

A reload bonus is, well, credited when you reload your casino account. It’s for already existing players. Most of the best free spins gambling sites offer reload bonuses to the players. It might contain free spins, free cash, or a combination of both.

Free Spins after Participating in a Tournament

Tournaments are one of the most fun activities at an online casino. They offer a huge prize pool for the players who participate and win. And the prize pool often contains free spins, as well as bonus money. If you participate in a casino tournament and comply with the terms, you’re most likely to receive an abundance of free spins.

No Deposit Free Spins

Do you remember the 888 Group example we gave in the welcome bonus section? That’s exactly what a no deposit free spins bonus is. A casino brand offers you these spins the moment you sign up and before you make any real money deposits.

To Existing Players via Newsletters

Although rare, it’s another type of free spins bonus for British casino players. These promotions are random and not part of the primary promotion structure of a brand. Rather, the casino handpicks players and sends free spins to them via newsletters. It often contains a bonus code that makes the bonus very exclusive.

Free Spins for New Game Releases

If a software provider wants to heavily market a new game title, it offers free spins in most cases. These spins encourage players to give the titles a try. Let us explain why that strategy works so well.

You may know that tea is extremely popular in the Indian subcontinent. Do you know why? Because when it was under British rule, the British merchants offered free tea leaves to the Indians. Over time, Indians became fond of it. As a result, tea became one of the most profitable items for British merchants!

Free Spins During Holidays

Many brands offer free spins during the holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and so on.

Weekend Bonus Reward

Existing players may receive spins based on their weekly deposits.

Birthday Bonus Free Spins

A way for the casino brand to celebrate a player’s birthday and simultaneously market new services to them.

How to get Bonus Free Spins on Betting Sites

Well, there is a plethora of ways you can get free spins on betting sites. You probably already know about the regular promotions and how to avail them. Let’s explore your options from a different perspective.

Affiliate Site Offers

Most affiliate sites, including the one you’re on right now, have varying partnerships with the casino brands. Casinos offer unique offers to the players who sign up through affiliate channels. And free spins happen to be one of the most common types of rewards.

If you’ve read online casino reviews or other bonus guides on affiliate sites but couldn’t find the bonus on the original casino website, it’s because those are exclusive affiliate bonuses. They’re not targeted to general players. It’s a great way to avail free spins in our opinion.


There are plenty of forums on the Internet discussing the features, benefits, and drawbacks of online casinos day and night. If you manage to find a few reputed forums, you can expect to get the most accurate and up-to-date information on the iGaming niche.

AskGamblers, Casinomeister, Casino Guru, etc. are spectacular examples of such forums. You can learn about the latest free spins gambling sites in the UK as well as other promotions.

Take a Break

Most casinos are very serious about retaining players. So, if they see you’re not playing for a while, they might send you new free spins offers to get you back. It’s a neat little trick to receive free spins. You can consider it as one of the reload bonuses.

If you take a break and the casino doesn’t bother, then it’s a good thing that you stopped playing. Because it indicates that the casino doesn’t care whether you play on their platform or not. You should better select a brand from our list and start a new journey.

Important Details for Online Casino Free Spins

Free spins slot sites surely sound like an amazing place to be, right? While we agree with you, on the point that free spins are amazing, it’s just one side of the coin. If you flip it, you’ll be bombarded with various terms and conditions. These conditions are not the end of the world in most cases. But if you’re not aware of them, there’s a chance that you might blow the entire offer. So, we’ve gathered the most common points of failure for you when enjoying free spins casinos.

Applicable Games

More often than not, free spins are offered on specific games. it might be one title or a group of titles. You can find the list of available games on the promotional terms. It’s utterly important that you use the free spins on these games only. Otherwise, you’ll be spending your real money without even realizing it!

To be absolutely sure, you can contact customer support and ask. In our experience, when we enter a game that offers free spins, it’s written right on the interface. So, you should check the particular game as well when you start playing.

Wagering Requirements

The eternal condition of wagering. Every casino promotion ever designed has it, even free spins. However, the wagering on free spins doesn’t work the same way as other bonuses. For other bonuses, you have to wager the bonus amount certain times to convert the funds into real money. But how do you wager free spins 35 times, per se?

That’s where the free spins winnings come into play. Rather than wagering the spins themselves, you’ll be wagering the amount you win from them. As you accumulate the funds, you can monitor the wagering progress directly on your casino account.

The Time Frame

Most free spins have expiry dates. The most common timeframe is a week from the date they were credited. It’s done to make sure that the spins aren’t going to waste. When you receive the spins, you should read the terms at the same time to make sure that you don’t miss the deadline.

Maximum Bet Amount

The sum you want to bet on a single spin is usually dependent on the limits of the particular game. If a game allows a £100 max bet, that’s what your limit is. However, for free spins, that’s not the case. To make the process more challenging, free spins slots sites impose a maximum bet limit. It usually hovers between £2.00 and £5.00. If you bet more than this, the wagering will be counted as invalid.

Maximum Winnings

Just like the maximum bet value, the maximum amount you can win from free spins is also capped by free spins casinos. You can find this information on the Terms & Conditions page as well. In the UK, the maximum winnings from free spins are usually capped between £100 and £200.

Bonus Codes

If you receive the free spins through a newsletter from the casino, chances are there is also a bonus code. There can be bonus codes on primary promotions offered on the casino website as well. Make sure you read the codes properly because the wrong code will void the bonus.

Start Playing Slots with Free Spins

Playing at online casinos has always been an enjoyable experience for us. It can be for you too. Imagine, after you got back from work, you take a hot shower and lie on the couch to enjoy a few real money games at British online casinos.

The top free spins online casinos can enhance your experience a lot. We personally love to try out new games. So, when you get the spins at free spins online casinos, we’re certain you’ll enjoy them as well.

If you consider yourself a fan of online slots in general and you like to explore new things, we highly recommend the online casinos listed on this page.

FAQ for Free Spins Sites

Are there free spins on new slot sites?

Yes. Both old and new slot sites offer free spins to new and existing players.

Are free spins a characteristic of Slingo games?

The answer is yes and no at the same time. While you won’t get external free spins, there are in-game free spins rounds.

Can free spins be used on any slot machine?

Usually, no. The casinos define what slots you can use the free spins on.

Are there free spins offers for Android and iPad casinos?

Yes. Free spins are offered on all kinds of devices.

Can I use different deposit methods to claim free spins?

Unless the terms of a casino explicitly exclude any payment methods, then you can use different deposit methods to claim free spins.

Can you keep what you earn from free spins?

As long as you comply with the terms and complete the wagering, the winnings from free spins are yours to keep.

What is the wagering requirement 20x or 30x or 40?

By 20x wagering requirement, the casino means that if you win £100 from free spins, you must wager £100 x 20 = £2,000 before you can withdraw the amount. The amount of wagering varies from casino to casino.