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During its course of evolution, the iGaming industry in UK, couldn’t do anything else but cross its path with Boku, a payment platform charging directly to your smartphone bill.  Boku created a separate platform especially for digital commodities purchase which offers immediate processing with maximum security. In the contemporary digital world, where everything is getting done by the simple press of a button on your smartphone, the world of Gambling would never be the exception.

Boku Slingo slot sites have already started acquiring a special place among players, as via smartphone it is possible to pay and play your favourite game without any distractions. Without the need to change appliances and banking records asked. In the next units, we will unfold the reasons why Boku is so popular among players and Slingo Online Casinos as well.

Best Boku pay by mobile Slingo casino

Gambling world is so exciting of its own, you don’t have to put yourselves into trouble and discover on your own the best Boku Slingo Online Casinos in the UK. Our team, composed of trained professionals, has chosen the best new Slingo sites for you. Through strict evaluation and tests in all stages, from deposits to gaming experience and of course profits withdrawal. Βecause, let us not fool ourselves, winning and not just participation is the real purpose.

How we choose Best Boku Slingo slot sites

The selection process is painful, given it requires time and knowledge that usually someone acquires after having played and paid for his mistakes, at a great cost sometimes. Mistakes we made on our part and we have finally come to realise how to avoid rough grounds and we are pleased to share with you.

Let’s take a look though at the evaluation criteria Boku Slingo Online Casinos have to meet, in order to find themselves in the top slingo websites list, providing the Boku deposit method.

  • First, the Boku deposit method must be provided.
  • Licensing by the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) as it secures strict compliance with the legislation rules.
  • Certification by independent authorities
  • Constant reliability over the years
  • Bonuses meeting the best betting requirements
  • Application of course of Boku pay by mobile Bonus
  • Wide range of the best and most emerging providers’ games
  • Immediate processing of your winnings withdrawal
  • No extra charges to concern you
  • 24 hours customers service
  • Players’ reviews which contribute to the overall evaluation
  • We gather and assess complaints and solutions that were suggested

Checking process is not invariable, we are not fulfilled by simply making an assessment, because we believe it is an ongoing process for the entirety of online casino with slingo.

What is Boku and how does it function in Slot sites?

The international exchange platform under the name “Boku” was founded in 2009 and exclusively provides the applicability of transactions paid off through the transactor’s smart phone bill. Users are allowed to operate instant transactions and free of cost usage of digital content and services. The company cooperates with the largest e-commerce companies, Microsoft, Facebook, Google. Apple etc. and with more than 250 mobile phone networks in 60 countries.

The technical mastery and security offered for transactions is unparalleled, as they identify the holder’s personal information to the carrier’s subscription. Next, they demand the holder’s acquiescence, via written confirmation text, in real time, just before the transaction is totally completed. All the user has to do is to state the number of his cell phone and make an entry with his confirmation password in the relevant field which Boku Slingo mobile sites have chosen. Charges will either become visible in the upcoming bill, in accordance with the billing cycle, or extracted from the existing money of the prepaid phone.

How to make a deposit at Boku Slingo Mobile Casinos?

Making a deposit at Boku Slingo mobile casino is a facilitated procedure which anyone can easily undergo on his own, without having specific knowledge or skills. The first thing you have to do is to verify that the Slingo slot site of your choosing offers Boku as a payment method. What comes next will amaze you!

  1. Enter your mobile number , do not divulge though any of your banking information, card number or e-wallet information. As we have stated, identification is Boku’s domain and information you have chosen will not be shared, under no circumstances, with the betting sites
  2. Select the amount you wish to deposit. The maximum deposit amount is £30 and there is no possibility to exceed that amount
  3. Next step is an incoming message which entails a confirmation password for the transaction and you are asked to make an entry to the field where the process directs you
  4. The fourth step is where the completion of your deposit is validated and entertainment begins
  5. Play for free with the opportunity to have 3 services in one. Gaming, deposit and payment all in your smartphone

The process lasts no more than 5 minutes, no matter what your familiarity and the online casino’s availability is.

New Boku Slingo casinos for real money

New Boku Slingo mobile casino has become a reality. Every day older and newer Betting sites introduce this payment method in their provided choices for players, as a recognition of the perspectives it offers for wider and easier admission of new players.

Reasons why you should choose Boku Pay by Phone Slingo sites

When we first tried Boku, we were extremely cautious, as it happens with everything new. Nevertheless, in a brief period of time this sentiment of uncertainty transformed into a pleasant surprise.

Let’s take a look at Boku’s advantages:

  • Security which is not based on mobile casinos control and the security certificates they ought to preserve. Data certification is done directly by the network provider, without providing any information apart from those that have been approved by relevance
  • Incomparable speed and ease of deposit, totally corresponding to the saying “time is money”
  • Simple track of expenses following our monthly bill
  • Adjustability to use prepaid phones to restrict expenses, according to our affordability
  • Overall management and control of expenses on smartphones
  • Big selection offers casinos, as New Slingo Casinos refresh your selections for unique Welcome Bonuses
  • No further fees on your deposit. Boku doesn’t charge additional fees on your deposits, although we cannot rule out charges imposed by the Betting sites. Before you make a deposit, transit to the Slingo site’s terms of use
  • Boku customer service is supported on a 24 hours basis

Services you will not find at Boku Slingo mobile sites

Let’s examine what Boku Pay by Phone doesn’t provide and we would certainly like to see, to strongly suggest Bingo sites as the ideal transactions method.

  • We have searched for, but still haven’t found a way to withdraw winnings! This doesn’t necessarily mean that players who prefer Boku play to lose. There must be an alternative procedure to withdraw your winnings.
  • Especially low daily deposit limit, which corresponds to £30. This is certainly deterring for high-roller players who claim big victories through high stakes. The duration of the game is also limited, as there is no adjustability to deposit any more than £30.
  • It cannot be found in all Slingo Mobile Casinos, even though its reputation and acceptance increases day by day.
  • It is not fully supported by the entirety of network providers, so there is still a reason to be excluded from the service.

Boku Slingo Sites FAQ

Why should I opt for Boku rather than other Pay by Phone methods instead?

You can find Boku in 60 countries. In cooperation with 250 mobile phone networks it provides the widest range of selections to purchase Gambling services and digital content. Boku has displayed remarkable consistency over the years, since it first appeared, securing speed and safety. All the transactions are controlled by Boku’s platform, providing additional safety.

Is there potential to make withdrawals using Boku Pay by Mobile?

Perhaps the greatest drawback and certainly the one that disallows Boku to become fully accepted by iGaming industry UK.

Which is the limit when depositing at Boku Slingo sites?

Your deposit may vary from especially small amounts of £5 and as we have stated earlier, the maximum deposit is set to £30.

What makes Boku pay by mobile stand out?

Safety and speed in transactions, as it operates on an enhanced telephone number verification method as a new means to verify users.

Can I claim a Welcome Bonus or a long-time player’s Bonus?

Of course, you are able to receive bonuses by playing with real money in Boku Slingo Mobile Casinos. Although bonuses and claiming amounts come in function with the restricted maximum limit of £30. In any case, before you make a deposit read the conditions for return of bonuses to cross check the betting regulations that may require up to 65x your wagering, in order to be able to withdraw your winnings.

Do I have to enroll in Boku to deposit in Boku slingo sites?

No, this is the amazing thing with Boku. Just select at Bingo sites your payment method of choice and the journey sets off, that simple!

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