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The evolution of technology in recent decades has been rapid and the gambling industry could not be excluded from the developments. Slingo mobile casinos have made their appearance offering slot machines adapted for use on mobile devices, mainly smartphones. The game has transferred very quickly from land based clubs to the comfort of our personal space, creating new needs both in terms of access speed, data protection and secure payment methods. This is how Pay by Phone Slingo slot sites were born, as they offer everything a player could ask when starting his game.

  • Easy and quick deposits
  • Non-negotiable security
  • Limits on the game

In the next sections we will analyze in detail the pros and cons of payment via mobile Phone, as the disadvantages are real as well; we are not all the same after all!!!

Pay by phone Slingo casino sites UK – 2021

Want to play for real money and you’re looking for the Slingo casino site you can trust while allowing you the opportunity to pay via your phone? Well, look no further because on our page you will find slingo casinos sites with the best Bonus offers, tested in terms of security, reliability in profits return and consistency to what it promises. Our team wouldn’t be satisfied with just performing our own individual audits and that’s why we collect and evaluate players’ comments and complaints to formulate and share with you the most objective overall view possible.

Slingo casinos pay by phone for real money

First let’s see what Pay by Phone is and what it offers to the players of Slingo sites. All you need to do is have a personal mobile number and the mood to play for real money, simple as that!! As its name suggests, choosing Pay by Phone as the method of deposit, the amount of money you choose will be charged to your monthly mobile phone bill if you have a subscription or it will be deducted from the prepaid phone credit balance you have.

The security of your personal and banking data is a given as your information is under no circumstance disclosed!!! All you need to do is activate msisdn and approve the transaction with the personal code you will receive via sms. Surely we are all wary of anything new and not so prevalent. Pay by Phone, on the other hand, has been used for several years to buy digital content from giants such as Google or Apple in partnership with the world’s largest network providers.

How to make a deposit using your mobile phone bill

To make a deposit via Pay by Phone on Slingo mobile casinos, it takes just a few minutes and the slightest familiarity with using the internet via smartphone or other devices. When selecting a Slingo mobile casino, double check that it indeed supports payment by phone; to do so, simply go to the checkout field where payment methods usually appear. Something you should bear in mind, the name is not the same for all online casinos, you can also come across the following names:

  • Pay by Phone Bill
  • Charge to Mobile
  • Charge to Bill
  • Mobile Pay
  • Pay By SMS
  • Pay By Mobile
  • Payforit
  • Boku

The next steps are simple-effortless and fast without having to remember complicated passwords or have your debit card with you. Below we describe the steps you need to follow in order to enter the magical world of Slingo.

  1. Register on Slingo mobile casino: On many online casino sites payment methods are displayed in the account menu, so you will need to register to access them.
  2. Choose an amount to deposit.
  3. Enter the deposit amount: As we will later analyze, payment via your phone bill has certain deposit limits, daily and monthly as defined by the network provider.
  4. Log the msisdn you have.
  5. Don’t worry no one can charge your phone by choosing random numbers
  6. Receive an SMS confirming the MISDN acquisition, which includes a registration code or the relevant confirmation link
  7. Enter the confirmation code in the relevant field defined by Slingo mobile casino.
  8. Next step? Just start playing simply because the deposit has been completed as you can see in your account.

Of course, possible problems or delays related to a lack of credit on your prepaid phone or simply reaching the daily or monthly amount of money set by your provider cannot be ruled out. In any case, you can contact the customer support of your network provider to be informed.

Βefore completing a phone deposit

Definitely an important criterion for choosing the next Pay by Phone Slingo mobile casino is the Bonus offer as well as the betting terms imposed. It is extremely crucial to confirm that you receive a bonus using Pay by Phone deposit as well as to get a notice of its limited deposit amounts. Taking into account that bonus options are constantly changing, the only safe way is to refer to the terms of use. In some cases, in order to receive the Bonus, a deposit of more than 20 pounds is required, which is not possible with payments via phone as a limit per deposit of 10 pounds is set and a maximum daily amount of 30 pounds.

Now you will be wondering why you do not have the chance to deposit the amount you desire. You are not wrong but let’s take a look at the parameters that inflict strict adherence to rules. The UK Gambling Commission recently banned the use of credit cards to protect players and ensure that they play money they do own. Similarly, in the case of Pay by Phone Slingo mobile casino, although the amount deposited may be non-existent, it appears when the bill is issued and must be paid.

It is not uncommon for network providers to receive complaints and disputes over exorbitant bills regardless of whether the secure deposit confirmation process has been followed. Keeping the limits relatively low is the key to everyone’s satisfaction, no one’s pocket is bleeding.

Before proceeding with your deposit, double-check if there are any charges you should be aware of. In the list of Pay by Phone Slingo casino sites UK – 2021, we have confirmed that there are no additional charges, in any case, however, it would be a good idea to read the terms of use as the market is dynamic and constantly changing.

Advantages Of Paying By Phone Slingo

Let’s see now in more detail why more and more players in the UK try to make their deposits through Pay by Phone Slingo slot sites. As you will see, depending on the perspective, the same practice can be included in both the advantages and the disadvantages looking at it from a different perspective.

Non-negotiable security

Slingo mobile casinos in order to obtain the required license from the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission), must take all the necessary measures to encrypt and securely transfer and store player data. The UK Audit Board is very strict and constantly conducts checks on the integrity of the files from possible illegal practices and malicious actions. Nonetheless, there is always the “what if” and “maybe” that leads to fear nesting into the player’s mind when sharing sensitive personal and banking data.

Pay by Phone Slingo slot sites will erase your fears, as anonymity or non-disclosure of data is a given. Type in your msisdn regardless of whether it is prepaid or postpaid and the rest is simple.
You are at risk only if you lose your phone without immediately noticing it which would probably allow time for someone to use it.

In this case you should immediately block your device, but the risk is low and is restricted to the loss of money which may equals the maximum daily deposit amount of 30 pounds but then again, it has nothing to do with our data.

Instant and effortless process

As described above the process is very simple and only a few minutes are enough for you to have at your disposal money for your favorite game. The transformation of online casinos into Slingo mobile casinos with optimized access for both mobile and desktop computers has also contributed to this.

Overall management through your mobile phone bill

Deposit money via Pay By Phone allows us to easily manage our expenses. Gambling expenses are attached to your monthly phone bill and you have the power to manage them either in whole or in part.

Low deposit limits

Play without guilt and enjoy the game safely in regards to your financial budget. For sure, easy access can never be an excuse, there are limits and they are set by our own financial data.

Without additional charges

Pay By Phone does not charge any fees, at least on the network provider’s part. However, charges imposed by online Slingo sites are an exception and this is why you should be very careful. A typical example of betting sites charges for deposits via Pay By Phone are Jumpman casinos that charge 2.5£ for each deposit.

Collaboration with the biggest network providers

Pay By Phone payment is very common and is supported by the largest network providers. Indicatively, we mention networks in the UK whose subscribers can take advantage of the possibility:

  • Vodafone
  • EE
  • O2
  • Virgin
  • Three

Disadvantages Of Paying By Phone Slingo

As already mentioned, in the disadvantages we will also include some points that were presented as advantages in the previous paragraph, but don’t worry, we will explain the logic behind that later on.

Inability to withdraw

Pay by Phone Slingo casinos would offer the ultimate experience if you could cash out your winnings using the same payment method. However, they are limited to deposits only, as the withdrawal process requires infrastructure that network providers do not currently own and they do not want to be involved with. Since no one is playing to lose, you need an alternative payment method to withdraw your winnings.

Low deposit limits

If you pay via your mobile phone bill, you do not have the flexibility to deposit more than the betting limits set by your network provider. Players’ profiles should be checked and then it should be possible to increase the limits without abolishing the basic principles of player protection.

No universal support by network providers

It is certainly supported by most providers which have the largest population coverage, but that does not mean everyone should not have the same options and opportunities.

Mobile payment options for slingo mobile casinos in the UK

Which are the most popular payment methods in the UK and which one to choose?


Boku is a very popular payment method among UK players with widespread acceptance on slingo mobile casinos. It has its own separate payment platform so once you register your phone number you get instant user identification and customer support. It is offered both to postpaid and prepaid mobile phone owners.


This is another payment method aimed at UK players as it works with the UK’s leading network providers. It works exactly the way we described above with the difference that it does not cater for prepaid card users. You can deposit on Slingo slot sites charging your monthly bill.


It works in a similar way and is used to gather all your expenses in your monthly mobile bill so that you can easily control them. It is quite widespread in Sweden where it was first released, but is now gaining ground at Slingo Casinos and among UK players.

Pay By Phone Slingo Casinos FAQ

Is Pay By phone legal in the UK?

Yes, it is a legal payment method and is fully in line with the strict rules set for slingo mobile casinos by the UK Gambling Control Commission. In 2021, the use of credit cards, which was revoked as it was deemed an unacceptable payment method, in an effort to protect players from gambling with money they do dot actually own, with all that entails.

Is Pay by Phone compatible with a specific software?

No, paying by phone on Slingo Mobile casino you will not have a problem regardless of the operating system you use. Slingo Casinos can be accessed by all operating systems IOS, ANDROID, WINDOWS and your deposit will be completed without any problem.

Can I withdraw my winnings using Pay by Phone?

As the players would say to each other, we played and well….we lost! Pay by Phone Slingo casinos do not allow the option to withdraw your winnings and in fact, it’s the biggest disadvantage of this payment method. It would definitely make the players really happy if in the future they would be offered the possibility to receive their winnings through their account, as that would make leaking their data and bank details almost impossible.

Can I still receive bonuses using Pay By Phone?

Of course, you will only encounter a problem if the deposit requires a deposit bigger than the daily deposit amount. Low limits are translated into low bonus odds, so in this case the chances for more play and more chances for big wins are limited.

Do all Slingo Mobile Casinos accept Pay by Phone payments?

Unfortunately we are going to disappoint you now; you can not deposit money via Pay By Phone in all Slingo mobile casinos in the UK. However, noteworthy progress is being made and the casinos that accept Pay By Phone are constantly updated. In any case, to confirm this you will need to refer to the Banking Instructions field of the website you are interested in.

How long does it take to deposit via a mobile bill?

The deposit time is very short, just a few minutes.

Is it safe to pay charging my monthly bill?

Yes, and it’s probably the safest payment method on Bingo Sites and on all gambling sites in general, as for each deposit to be completed the electronic signature of the cardholder is required in the form of a code, which he receives via SMS and should then register in the corresponding field of slingo mobile casino.

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